Let us answer some of your questions….

How much will a new Kitchen cost?

We install kitchens costing from less than $ 2,000.00 all the way through to kitchens costing $50,000.00. Each one is different and is based on the materials and amount of labour required to fulfill your dreams. The average kitchen with laminate countertops would fall in the $ 7,500.00 to $ 15,000.00 range with solid surface countertops pushing that number up by an average of $ 5,000.00. Our philosophy is based on the premise that you can make the best value decisions for you if you have all of the information in your hands at decision time. To further this process, we often price a couple of designs in a couple of materials and then finalize the quote as you narrow your decisions down. We believe this process will allow you to find just the combination of price and features which suit you perfectly. the good news is that at Cabinetree, the price does not affect the quality. It is really a question of the cost of some raw material items which affect the finished price of the kitchen, and in fact, often some of the less expensive items are actually more durable.

How long will the process take?

Most kitchens can be designed in a couple of days, followed by a week or so of deliberations and changes by you. After the design is done and the site measured, the actual manufacturing time is about 4 weeks for a Tailored kitchen , Cabinetree Line kitchen is 6 weeks, Designer line is 8-10 weeks. Typically, you can expedite the process to optimum by making decisions about appliances and other details as quickly as possible. Because of the interrelationship of so many items in the kitchen, the job cannot be processed by our craftsmen until all of the decisions are made.

Do you make all the cabinets?

We entirely craft your cabinets in our shop, from the wood doors to the various components required to make the cabinet boxes. There are a few countertop types and a few door styles which we outsource but these are entrusted to suppliers who have proven themselves to share our values.

Are your cabinets completely custom?

We have three distinct lines of cabinets which we manufacture. They all share the uncommon element of custom widths for all straight run cabinets, if you need a 21 ¼” cabinet to fill your space we make the cabinet 21 ¼”. Depending on the line of our product you select, we may offer some restrictions with respect to colour or style choices, but there is always another line which will allow you the choices you desire. These choices typically add to the manufacturing time and therefore to the cost.

How do I care for my cabinetry or countertops?

Regular dish soap is the best cleaner for your cabinetry and countertops. Avoid items with bleach or ones which are highly caustic. Never use items like toilet bowl cleaners or products designed to remove mineral deposits as these may mar the finish or draw out the colour. Highly caustic cleaners like this will steadily erode the protective layers of finish on laminate or stone counters also. There are two things which typically damage countertops. Cutting directly on the surface will generally result in marks which permanently damage the surface. Leaving caustic cleaners on the surface can harm the texture, the protective barrier, or the colour of the top.

How do I adjust a hinge?

Please refer to the diagrams and illustrations shown in our owner’s manual PDF document.

What do I have to do to get a new kitchen?

To get a new kitchen, you simply need to contact one of our designers to start the process and then be available to approve or assist in the selection of the products and colours needed to make your new kitchen beautiful. Having a budget in mind, helps us to select products which will best suit your taste, the space, and your pocketbook.

What is the warranty on your product?

Cabinetree supplied products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year. The warranty applies to the repair or replacement of the defective product and does not include normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, improper storage, accidents and/or product exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity. Review a copy of the warranty the PDF document.

How do I get replacement parts such as hinges or drawer guides?

Simply call our company and someone in customer service will be glad to help you identify the part and make arrangements for you to pick up a replacement.

Do you have stain kits for touch ups or colour matches?


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