Installation Procedures

Customer Prep for Installation

Yes, you have a role in your installation. For a quick and easy set up, all areas being accessed need to be clean and free of obstructions. Any appliances that require cut-outs or installation must be on site and, ideally, in an adjacent room. If, on installation day, large items are obstructing our installers, we are happy to assist you in moving them, but under your direction only, as we are simply helping you do something which is your responsibility.

Cabinetree is pleased to provide you with detailed drawings of your final layout, which provides you and your trades the information required to rough-in their work in preparation for your install. If required, we can come to your house to assist in the location of these items for the electrician and the plumber. We 1ask, whenever possible, that your final coat of paint be left until all trades are done so inadvertent marks and scratches can be dealt with.

Delivery & Installation

Unless you have purchased from our Tailored line, your cabinets will be delivered fully assembled and installed by our own staff, who will take every precaution possible to not make a mark or a mess in your home. However, there are some safety elements to consider in carrying out our work that we need your help with to ensure the safety of our staff. Our installers must wear their safety footwear at all times, which can be problematic if they have to go outside frequently to bring in more cabinets or do cutting which they would like to do outside to prevent dust accumulation. While we will try to use blankets and cardboard to protect your home, please understand and assist our staff in every way possible to carry out their work safely and with as little disruption to your home as possible.

As per our contract terms, our staff will be asking for the “delivery cheque” when they arrive with the cabinets and prior to the commencement of the installation. We will have carried out our portion of the agreement to that point and ask that you do the same as agreed.

We have designed our cabinets to have as much capacity as possible to deal with the imperfections inherent in every home with respect to square, level, and plumb of the walls and floors to which we will be fitting. The toe kick and countertops can be trimmed to deal with variations up to 5/8″ without special trims or treatments. Beyond this threshold it is your responsibility to assume both the cost and decisions with respect to dealing with situations that may arise. We will do everything we can to insure the final result is as beautiful as possible, but please remember we will be helping to deal with your problem at this point.

Finally, please know that we are just as excited as you are to see your vision and our craftsmanship turn out beautifully. We are looking forward to sharing this endeavor with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.