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Granite and Quartz and Laminate, oh my! Each countertop selection has its own characteristics, its own beauty, it own set of pros and cons which determine it's particular value to you. We carry them all! Gorgeous butcherblock, granite, quartz, marble, corian and laminate, are all available to you with samples to chose from in our showroom.

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Countertop Comparison

LaminateGraniteSolid SurfaceQuartzMarbleButcher BlockStainless SteelGlass
BrandsWilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Arboritenatural productCorianSilestone, Cambria, CeasarStonenatural productnatural product--
Surfacedepends on finishporousnon-porousnon-porous will not hold bacteriasmooth surfaceporouscompletely anit-microbialnon-porous - will not hold bacteria
Seams12' max9' x 5' avg.appear seamless9' - 6"Varies 7-10' average12' - 16' 10' max12' max
Sealant Requiredno1 x per yernono3 x per yearaverage monthlynono
Chip/Dent Resistantnonononoyesnonono
Scratch Resistantnoyesnoyesnononono
Stain Resistantyesyesnoyesnonoyes yes
Heat Resistantnoyesnonoyesnoyes (high heat)yes
Average Warranty2 years10 - 15 years10 years10 - 15 years5 years1 year1 year0
Maintenancelowmediumlow: buff at 5-7 yearslowestmediumhighlowmedium
Average Cost$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Repairsvery difficult, usually requires replacementdifficulteasy to sand away stains or scratchesdifficult, particularly in finishcan be permanently scratched or etched by acids (citrus, coffee, alcohol)easy to sand away stains or scratchesdifficultreplace